Piezo Design & Engineering Tutorial: Piezoelectrics in Nanopositioning, Designing with Piezoelectric Actuators

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Fundamentals of Piezoelectricity

Displacement of Piezo Actuators

Sensors / Metrology

Methods to Improve Piezo Dynamics

Basic Designs of Piezoelectric Positioning Drives/Systems

Parallel and Serial Kinematics / Metrology

Piezo Stacks and Chips

Piezo Flexure Stages

Piezo Linear Motor Actuators
Piezo actuated mechanisms are vital in today's ultra-precision motion control systems. They provide the highest accuracy, speed and resolution.

To use the advantages of piezoelectric positioning technology to its full extent, it is important to carefully analyze the application in which a piezo actuator or nanopositioning stage is to be used as a whole. Close contact between user and manufacturer is the best recipe for success.

Examples given in this tutorial indicate a small selection of the many applications common today. The relentless push for more accuracy and speed-whether in bio-nanotechnology, semiconductor / metrology, photonics / fiber optics or data storage devices-drives both the application and the continuous development of piezo technology.

Piezo Mechanics Design Tutorial Table of Contents

Features and Applications of Piezoelectric Positioning Systems
Symbols and Units
Quick Facts
Fundamentals of Piezoelectricity
Fundamentals of Piezomechanics
Actuators and Sensors
Fundamentals of Piezoelectric Actuators
Dynamic Operation Fundamentals
Piezo Actuator Electrical Fundamentals
Control of Piezo Actuators and Stages
Methods to Improve Dynamics
Environmental Conditions and Influences
Basic Designs of Piezoelectric Positioning Drives/Systems
Parallel and Serial Kinematics / Metrology
PMN Compared to PZT
Mounting and Handling Guidelines for Piezo Translators
Blog / Technotes
Piezo, Motion and Positioning Catalogs

Note / Additional Information:
Piezo Application Examples are found in the Piezo Blog

Video Animations of Different Piezo Motion Technologies

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