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Engineered for Motion, Sensing and Dispensing

Piezoelectric mechanisms can provide very fast and precise motion. Piezoelectric Transducers can also be used for sensing, ultrasound generation and medical applications. PI and PI Ceramic are the leading manufacturers of piezoelectric mechatronic systems such as piezoelectric actuators, pzt transducers for motion control, nano positioning and industrial applications, e.g. in Semiconductors; Bio Tech & Mecial Engineering; Lasers, Optics, Microscopy; Aerospace Engineering;Precision Machining; Astronomy and Microsystems Technology.

PI also provides value added manufacturing and custom assembly of piezoelectric components for OEMs.
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Piezo Flexure StagesPiezo Stages, Flexure Guided
Linear Piezo MotorsLinear Piezo Motors
Piezo ActuatorsPiezo Actuators
Steering MirrorsPiezo Tip/Tilt Steering Mirrors
Piezo ControllersPiezo Controllers
Patch TransducersDuraAct™ Patch Transducers

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Piezo Mechanisms & ControllersPiezo Mechanisms & Controllers
Non Magnetic PositionersVacuum & Non Magnetic Positioners
Piezo MaterialsPiezo Materials & Components
Piezo Flexure Actuator Piezo Flexure Actuators
Piezo StagesPiezo Stages for AFM
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Energy HarvestingEnergy Harvesting
Piezo Reliability PaperPiezo Reliability Paper

Designing with Piezoelectrics Piezo University: Designing with Piezo Mechanics

Different Types of Piezo Mechanisms Solve Different Problems

Not all piezo actuators and motors are created equal. There are a large variety of different designs optimized for different applications, from extremely high force or microsecond response, to long travel ranges in the millimeter and centimeter range.

Direct Piezo Actuators: Z-Stacks, Shear (X, XY)
Piezo Stack Actuator

  • Highest Force
  • Fastest Response
  • Travel Ranges 2-100 ´Ám
Piezo Flexure Lever Actuators
Flexure Piezo Actuator

  • Flexure Guiding System
  • Response <1 msec
  • Travel to 2 mm, Compact

Ultrasonic Linear Motors
Ultrasonic Piezo Actuators

  • Long Travel (10s of millimeters)
  • Fast: 350 mm/sec
  • Low Profile, Self Locking
PiezoWalk Linear Motors
Piezo-Walk Actuators

  • High Force (2 kg to 80 kg)
  • Compact, Self Locking
  • Long Travel (10s of millimeters)

All: Sterile, Low Power, No Lubricants, Non- Magnetic, Vacuum Compatible; High Resolution:
Sub-Nanometer to Sub-Micron

Piezoelectric Effect /Different Types of Piezo Actuators / Video

Piezoelectric Actuator Tutorial

piezo actuator
Piezo Blog
Piezo is derived from the Greek word piezein (to squeeze). It is quite often misspelled peizo. Piezoelectric actuators offer a solution to positioning tasks that require the highest accuracy, speed and resolution.

Examples given in this tutorial indicate a selection of the many applications common today. The relentless push for more accuracy and speed-whether in biotechnology / nanotechnology, the miniaturization of microelectronics, fiber optics or data storage devices-drives both the application and the further development of piezo technology.

Designing with Piezoelectric Actuators Piezo BLOG
Designing with Piezoelectric Actuators Tutorial: Piezoelectrics in Nanopositioning,
    Designing with Piezoelectric Actuators

Features and ApplicationsFeatures and Applications
Fundamentals of PiezomechanicsFundamentals of Piezomechanics, Actuators and Sensors
Fundamentals of Piezoelectric ActuatorsFundamentals of Piezoelectric Actuators
Control of Piezo ActuatorControl of Piezo Actuators and Stages
Parallel and Serial KinematicsParallel and Serial Kinematics, PMN Compared to PZT

Piezoelectric / Motorized Actuator Solutions for Motion Control Applications

Nano Precision Piezo Actuators
Nano-Precision Piezo Actuators

Piezo Actuators Forces to 100 kN
Sub-Nano meter Resolution Sub-Nano meter
Fast Response Fast Response (to
   ´Ásec -Range)
Extreme Lifetime Extreme Lifetime
Piezo Motor
Ultrasonic Piezo Linear
Actuators / Motors

Non Magnetic Non Magnetic
Velocity to 600 mm/s Velocity to 600 mm/s
Unlimited Travel Range Unlimited Travel
Forces to 30 N Forces to 30 N
piezo mechanisms Resolution to 50 Nanometer
Piezo Bender
Flexible Piezoelectric
Patch Transducers

Actuator & Sensor Actuator, Sensor,
   Energy Source
Highly Formable Ceramics Highly Formable
Applied to Curved Surfaces Can be Applied to
   Curved Surfaces
Flexible Piezoelectric Patch Transducers Cost-Effective
Piezo Stepper Linear Motors
Piezo Stepper Linear Motors

Non Magnetic Non Magnetic
600 N Linear Motors Forces to 600 N
1 nm Resolution Linear Motor <1 nm Resolution
Auto Locking Auto-Locking PiezoWalk Principle
linear actuator Travel to 20 mm
Guided Piezo Actuators
Flexure-Guided Piezo Actuators

Nanometer Resolution Sub-Nanometer
Fast Response Fast Response
   (msec -Range)
Excellent Guiding Precision Excellent Guiding
Motion Control Applications Travel to 1 mm

Piezo Stepping Linear Actuators & Motors (NEXACT / NEXLINE)

N-310 NEXACT® OEM Miniature Linear Motor/Actuator
Miniature Linear Motor
  • 20 mm Standard Travel Range, Flexible Choice of the Runner Length
  • Compact and Cost-Effective Design
  • 0.03 nm Resolution**To 10 N Push/Pull Force
  • Low Operating Voltage
  • Self-Locking at Rest, No Head Dissipation, Nanometer Stability
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Working Principle

Specs/Order Info
N-310 Miniature Piezo Linear Motor
Piezo Manipulator
N-381 NEXACT® Linear Actuator, Manipulator, Piezo Stepper
Piezo Stepper Manipulator
  • Travel Range 30 mm Zero-Wear Piezo Stepping Drive, Ideal for Micro- and Nano-Manipulation
  • Integrated Linear Encoder Option for Highest Accuracy with 20 nm Resolution
  • Very High Acceleration, e.g. for Cell Penetration
  • Two Operating Modes: Continuous Stepping Mode and Continuously Variable, High-Dynamics Analog Mode for 30 pm Resolution**
  • Up to 10 N Force Generation
  • Self-Locking at Rest, no Heat Generation Smooth Motion, no Closed-Loop Jitter
  • Vacuum-Compatible and Non-Magnetic Versions

Specs/Order Info
N-381 Piezo Stepper Manipulator

NEXLINE® Nanopositioning Actuators

N-111 NEXLINE®OEM High Force Piezo Motor with Long Travel
Linear Piezo Actuator with Long Travel
  • Winner of the SEMI Technology Innovation Showcase Award
  • 3 mm Travel Range
  • <0.1 Nanometer Resolution
  • Active Force Generation to 30 N
  • >50 N Holding Force Self-Locking
  • Non Magnetic Option

Specs/Order Info
N-111 High Force Piezo Motor
N-216 NEXLINE® High-Load Piezo Nanopositioning Actuator
High-Load Piezo Nanopositioning Actuator
  • Travel Range 20 mm
  • Resolutionto 0.03 nm
  • Open-Loop, 5 nm Closed-Loop Up to 800 N Holding Force
  • Self-Locking at Rest
  • Non-Magnetic and Vacuum-Compatible Working Principle
  • Cleanroom Compatible

Specs/Order Info
N-216 High-Load Piezo Nanopositioning Actuator

Ultrasonic Linear Actuators / Motors

M-663 PILine Miniature Translation Stages with Closed-Loop Ultrasonic Piezo Linear Motor Actuators
Piezo Actuator Stage
  • Smallest Translation Stage with Closed-Loop Linear Motor Drive and Linear Encoder
  • 20 mm Travel
  • To 500 mm/s fast
  • Acceleration to 20 g
  • Resolution to 100 Nanometer
  • Direct-Metrology: Linear Encoder
  • AutoLocking Design
  • XY-Stage Combinations
  • 20000 h MTBF
  • Vacuum Versions Available
  • Non Magnetic Option

Specs/Order Info
M-663 Closed-Loop Translation Stages

Stick-Slip Inertial Piezo Motors

Q-521 Mini Linear Stage with Stick-Slip Inertial Motor
Mini Linear Stage with  Piezo Motor Motor
  • Travel Range up to 32mm
  • Resolution to 1 Nanometer
  • Self-Locking
  • XY-and XYZ Combinations and Available
  • Rotation Stages Available
  • Non Magnetic Option

Miniature Stages Product Family: Video, Specs & Order Info
Mini Linear and Rotary Stages with Piezo Stick-Slip Motor
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Flexure Piezo Actuators (Long Travel, Fast Response, Guided Motion)

P-601 PiezoMove Piezo Flexure Z-Actuator
Piezo Flexure Actuator
  • Flexure Guidance for Frictionless, Ultra-Straight Motion
  • Travel Ranges to 480 Microns
  • Resolution to 0.2 Nanometer
  • High Stiffness & Dynamics
  • Long Life PICMA Multilayer Piezo Ceramics
  • Open and Closed-Loop Versions
  • Ideal for OEM Applications

Specs/Order Info
P-601 Piezo Flexure Z-Actuator
P-602 High Force Piezo Flexure Actuator
Piezo Flexure Actuator
  • Backlash-Free, Frictionless Flexure Guides for Straight Motion
  • Integrated Motion Amplifier for Travel Ranges to 1 mm
  • High Dynamics and Stiffness, Forces to 400 N,
  • Long Life PICMA Multilayer Piezo Ceramics
  • Position Sensor Option
  • Custom Designs: Larger Travel, Faster Response, Non-Magnetic
  • OEM-Applications in Adaptronics, Biotechnology or Microfluidics

Specs/Order Info
P-602 High Force Piezo Flexure Actuator
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P-603 Low Cost Piezoelectric Flexure Actuator
Low Cost Piezo Flexure Actuator
  • Zero Backlash, Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System Travel Ranges to 500 ´Ám
  • Cost-Effective & Long Life PICMA Multilayer Piezo Ceramics
  • Position Sensor Option
  • Custom Designs: Larger Travel, Faster Response, Non-Magnetic
  • OEM-Applications in Adaptronics, Biotechnology or Microfluidics

Specs/Order Info
P-603 Low Cost Piezo Flexure Actuator
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P-753 LISA Closed-Loop Piezoelectric Nano Positioning Stages / Actuators with Direct Metrology
High Precision Piezo Flexure Actuator
  • Unique Design: Both Stage and Actuator
  • Frictionless Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • 0.05 Nano meter Resolution
  • Direct Metrology with Capacitive Sensors for Highest Precision
  • Ultra-Fast Response, Very Compact
  • Long Life PICMA Multilayer Piezo Ceramics
  • ID-Chip for Auto Calibrate Function
  • Vacuum Versions Available

Specs/Order Info
P-753 Piezoelectric NanoPositioning Stage

Direct Piezoelectric Linear Actuators & Piezo Benders

P-882 - P-888 PICMA High-Performance Multilayer Piezo Stacks
Piezo Stack Actuator
  • Award-Winning Low-Voltage Technology
  • Superior Lifetime Under Extreme Conditions
  • Very Large Operating-Temperature Range
  • High Humidity Resistance
  • Excellent Temperature Stability
  • High Stiffness
  • UHV Compatible to 10-9 hPa
  • Sub-Millisecond Response & Sub-Nano meter Resolution

Specs/Order Info
P-882 - P-888 High-Performance Piezo Stacks
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P-212, P-216 & P-225, P-235 Preloaded Encased PICA Power Piezoelectric Stacks
Piezo Stack Actuator
  • Pushing Force to 4,500 N or 30,000 N
  • Travel Range to 180 ´Ám
  • Pulling Force to 500 N or 3,500 N
  • Sub-millisecond Response
  • Sub-Nanometer Resolution
  • Options: Vacuum, High- and Low-Temperature

P-212 - P-216 PDF
Specs/Order Info / Order Info
P-212 - P-216 Preloaded Encased Piezo Stacks
P-225 - P-235 PDF
Specs/Order Info / Order Info
P-225 - P-235 Preloaded Encased Piezo Stacks
P-840 Preloaded Low-Voltage Piezoelectric Stack Linear Actuators (LVPZT)
Preloaded Piezo Stack Actuator
  • Displacement to 90 ´Ám
  • Pushing Forces to 1000 Newton
  • Preloaded for Tensile Forces to 50 N
  • Sub-millisecondec Response
  • Sub-Nano meter Resolution
  • Options: Ball Tip, Vacuum Versions

Specs/Order Info
P-840 - P-841 Piezo Stack Linear Actuators
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PICMA- Chip Piezoelectric Stacks: Miniature Low-Voltage Actuators
MIniature Piezo Stack Actuator
  • Ceramic Encapsulation for Extended Lifetime
  • Smallest Multilayer Piezo: from 2x2x2 mm
  • Low-Voltage, High Curie Temperature
  • Ideal for Dynamic Operation
  • Sub-Millisecond Response / Sub-Nanometer Resolution
  • UHV Compatible to 10-9 hPa
  • Superior Lifetime

Specs/Order Info
PL022 - PL033 - PL055 Mini Piezo Chip Stacks
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P-007 - P-056 PICA Stack / High-Force Piezoelectric Stacks
High-Load  Piezo Stack Actuator
  • High Load Capacity to 100 kN
  • High Force Generation to 80 kN
  • Large Cross Sections to 56 mm Diameter
  • Variety of Shapes
  • Extreme Reliability >1000,000,000 Cycles
  • Proven and Flexible Design
  • Sub-Nanometer-Resolution / Sub-Millisecond-Settling-Time
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions

Specs/Order Info
P-007 - P-056 High Force Piezo Stacks
P-871 Closed-Loop, Multilayer Piezoelectric Bender Transducer, High-Deflection & Low-Voltage
Piezo Bender Actuator
  • Closed-Loop = Higher Accuracy
  • Nanometer-Range Resolution
  • Deflection up to 1.6 mm
  • Ceramic Insulation for Extended Lifetime
  • Ideal for Scanning Applications
  • Vacuum-Compatible Versions
  • Low Voltage
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • Special Controllers / Drivers Available

Specs/Order Info
P-871 Piezo Bender Transducer
P-876 DuraAct™ Flexible Piezoelectric Patch Transducer
Piezo Patch Transducer
  • Actuator, Sensor or Energy Source
  • Highly Formable Ceramics
  • Can be Applied to Curved Surfaces
  • Customized Solutions on Request
  • Cost-Effective

Specs/Order Info
P-876 Piezo Patch Transducer
Planar AFM Piezo Scanners Stages and ControllersAFM Piezo Scanner Brochure
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